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Zenoah G4z #23 Stage3

Ported to perform, Zenoah based tuning motors.
Top level Zenoah tuning.
Due to a bigger bore more torque than his little cousin.
All ports retimed, flow optimized and aimed to perform.
Fits in EFRA rules, does half an hour finals and likes to win.

Engine specification
Cylinder displacement 22.5 cm³
Cylinder bore 32 mm
Cylinder stroke 28 mm
Power output
Carburettor WT-990
Ignition system TCI
Spark plug CMR7H
Start system Recoil starter
Overall dimensions
Weight 2.1 kg

Product size, LxWxH 167x204x195 mm
Stock equiped with:
Black4z full circle high performance Crankshaft.
Trimmed rotor
Full mod Cylinder
Full mod Piston
13990 Kč
SKLADEM 1-2 ks
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G4z 23 st3

RC Hormann Tuning

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